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Crypto Hot Cases – One Year Backward

Author: Éric Filiol

This talk considers the recent history of cryptography and its control by the Western countries (mainly the USA) in light of the Snowden leaks. The speaker will also share a few non-public facts coming from personal and technical analysis: Snowden leaks, Heartbleed/OpenSSL, RSA backdoored products, Windows driver signature, Windows random number generation, Windows cache management, Google/ANSSI case, TAO project, etc. The speaker will try to forecast what the very near future could be and what we should fear/expect. He will finally offer a possible solution to mitigate this cryptography control in the future.

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Éric Filiol is the head of Operational Cryptography and Computer Virology Lab, ESIEA (France), and senior consultant in offensive cybersecurity and intelligence. He spent 22 years in the French Army (Infantry/Marine Corps). He holds an engineer diploma in cryptology, a PhD in applied mathematics and computer science and a Habilitation Thesis in Computer Science. He graduated from NATO in InfoOps. Éric Filiol is the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal in Computer Virology. He has been a speaker at international security events including Black Hat, CCC, CanSecWest, PacSec, Hack.lu, Brucon, and H2HC.

Éric Filiol Éric Filiol

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