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How to Intercept a Conversation Held on the Other Side of the Planet

Authors: Sergey Puzankov and Dmitry Kurbatov

Lately, phone communication records can be found in the Internet and even be heard on TV. It is obvious that such records were obtained without the knowledge of the subscribers. Many of us have received weird text messages and, after that, long bills for mobile services. The authors of the research are Sergey Puzankov and Dmitry Kurbatov, experts at Positive Technologies specializing in mobile networks safety. They will consider the range of possibilities of an intruder who accessed the holy of holies of telecom companies — SS7. The talk will address attacks aimed at: disclosure of subscriber’s sensitive data including his or her location, changing enabled services, call forwarding, unauthorized intrusion into a voice communication channel. Information about signaling messages, which can help to perform these attacks, is open for public access. The research also covers types of proactive protection against such attacks and methods of investigating incidents related to vulnerabilities in a signaling network.

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Sergey Puzankov graduated from Penza State University with a degree in Automated Data Processing Systems. He is interested in mobile networks safety. Being an expert at Positive Technologies, he designed MaxPatrol 8 modules of security standards compliance for several types of GSM and UMTS mobile communication equipment.

Dmitry Kurbatov graduated from Moscow State Institute of Radio Engineering, Electronics and Automation with degree in Information Security of Telecommunication Systems. He has 7 years of experience in information security of corporate networks, business applications, and telecommunication equipment. An expert at the Positive Technologies company and Positive Research Center, he participated in organizing all Positive Hack Days forums. Dmitry has published many articles on information security.

Sergey Puzankov and Dmitry Kurbatov Sergey Puzankov and Dmitry Kurbatov

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