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Side Channel Analysis: Practice and a Bit of Theory

Author: Ilya Kizhvatov

The proposed talk is about side channel analysis of secure devices. This topic is not so often addressed in hacker conferences. The speaker will introduce the conference community to side channels, present an overview, and explain the state of the art in the this area, giving practical examples. After the talk, a listener should be able to understand if a particular device is falling under the threat of a side channel attack, how to protect it, and maybe become motivated to play around with side channel analysis just for fun.

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Ilya Kizhvatov is a senior security analyst at Riscure (Delft, Netherlands). He has 6 years of experience (half academic, half industrial) in embedded security, with the focus on side channel and fault attacks on cryptographic implementations, and 2 years of embedded software engineering experience. He spoke at scientific and industrial conferences and seminars.

Ilya Kizhvatov Ilya Kizhvatov

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