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Give Me Your Data!

Author: Dave Chronister

We hear news stories every day about malicious hackers compromising the sensitive data of corporations, governments and individuals. But that is only half of the story. The genesis of this presentation stems from the idea that, even today, data is still not stored securely. Professional Hacker, Dave Chronister, conducted a research project to find out if he could gain access to sensitive data. The catch? He would not hack any systems, all data must be collected legally. From purchasing devices on Facebook and bidding for Hard Drives on eBay, to monitoring public file sharing sites, and anonymously accessible servers, Chronister will unveil methods to retrieve information and show his findings - which are very surprising.

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Dave Chronister – C|EH, CISSP, MCSE, C|HFI is the founder and Managing Technology Partner of Ethical Hacking firm, Parameter Security. Growing up in the wild world of 1980’s BBSes and early Internet, Chronister obtained a unique firsthand look at the mind, motives, and methodologies of hackers. Chronister has provided ethical hacking services, auditing, forensics, and training to clients world-wide. Chronister’s expertise has been featured in many media outlets including; CNN, CNBC, CNN Headline News, ABC World News Tonight, Bloomburg TV, CBS, FOX Business News, Computer World, Popular Science, Information Security Magazine, St. Louis Post Dispatch, and St. Louis Business Journal, to name a few.

Dave Chronister Dave Chronister

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