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Intercepter-NG: The New-Generation Sniffer

Authors: Alexander Dmitrenko, Ares

The report is devoted to a unique toolkit named Intercepter-NG developed in Russia. Today it is the most advanced sniffer with a lot of functions.
Ironically enough, it is more popular in other countries than in Russia, and the report is intended to change the situation. The speaker will not only review the utility’s main peculiar features, but will give full details of two attacks with Intercepter-NG: MySQL LOAD DATA LOCAL injection recently presented at Chaos Constructions and DNS over ICMP, a little-known but powerful attack.

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Alexander Dmitrenko
The Head of Training Department at PentestIT, the author of articles on habrahabr.ru and in the “Hacker” magazine.

PentestIT expert, the developer of Intercepter-NG.

Alexander Dmitrenko, Ares Alexander Dmitrenko, Ares

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