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Yescrypt – Password Hashing Beyond Bcrypt and Scrypt

Author: Alexander Peslyak (Solar Designer)

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Alexander Peslyak, better known as Solar Designer, has been professionally involved in computer and network security since 1997, and he has been professionally developing software long before that. Alexander is an Open Source software author & team leader at Openwall Project and Openwall GNU/*/Linux, computer security expert, Founder & CTO at Openwall, Inc., information security consultant at DataForce ISP, member of informal and semi-formal computer security communities. Alexander has presented on computer security and Open Source software topics at international conferences (HAL2001, NordU, FOSDEM, CanSecWest), served as the technical reviewer for a novel computer security book (Michal Zalewski's Silence on the Wire) and wrote the foreword for it. He is recognized in the “security community” primarily for the security tools (software) released to the public under liberal Open Source licenses, and for many contributions to other popular Open Source software (primarily Linux and related applications).

Alexander Peslyak (Solar Designer) Alexander Peslyak (Solar Designer)

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