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NFC Implementations Security

Authors: Andrey Plastunov and Roman Bazhin

The NFC technology is gradually becoming an integral part of our activities in many areas, from payments in public transport to intelligent home technologies. It is certainly convenient. But is it secure enough?
The talk will cover the protocol of NFC devices communication and the way they operate in NFC mode. The speakers will outline the attack surface and consider an NFC threat model. The concept will be exemplified by a MiTM attack against an Android phone via a specially crafted NFC transmitter based on Arduino.

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Andrey Plastunov is a system analyst at the Russian company Perspektivny Monitoring. He is a MEPhI graduate, chair 12. Andrey’s interest is in fuzzing, mobile devices and developing bots for social networks.

Roman Bazhin is a software developer at Perspektivny Monitoring. He is fond of radio electronics.

Andrey Plastunov and Roman Bazhin Andrey Plastunov and Roman Bazhin

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