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Damnatio ad bestias: crowd-filter as a panacea for DDoS

Author: Denis Makrushin

Protection from DDoS is the battle of resources. Crowdsourcing used to filter traffic and balance load can cut costs of DDoS control. The report will enlarge upon a security concept that makes distributed attacks ineffective.

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Denis Makrushin is an expert at Kaspersky Lab occupied with cyberthreat protection technologies. Denis acquired versatile information security experience: he tried penetration testing and information system security auditing. He had an opportunity to study information security as part of protection: he was engaged in building security systems for large-scale power plants. Denis graduated from the Information Security Department of the National Research Nuclear University “MEPhI” specializing in Information Security of Bank Systems. Now he is going on with his research taking a postgraduate course at the university.

Denis Makrushin Denis Makrushin

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