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Insider Attacks: Offence and Protection

Author: Nikita Panov

The report will cover typical cyber-attacks in accordance with the data provided by the leading IT vendors (Secunia, TrustWave, Infowatch, CISCO, etc.), as well as protection techniques that employ the default Microsoft tools of the updated product line (technologies included in OS WS2012R2, Windows 8.1 and security programs EMET, MASA, etc.).
The speaker will demonstrate one of inside attacks using a programmable controller designed in a form factor of a typical USB device (a mouse or flash drive) that executes a series of commands with elevated privileges upon connection to a PC.

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Nikita Panov is currently an IT freelancer. Previously he worked at Microsoft and Kaspersky Lab. His works were published in the Systemny Administrator Magazine; he spoke several times at Microsoft Platforma, Microsoft TechEd Russia and Microsoft SWIT. Hу leads Microsoft community in Voronezh, Russia.

Nikita Panov Nikita Panov

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