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Life After Snowden. Modern Tools of Internet Intelligence

Author: Andrey Masalovich

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Andrey Masalovich has a Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics, he is a member of the Board of directors of "DialogueScience", and head of the Competitive Intelligence sector of the Academy of Information Systems. He has supervised a number of successful projects in the analytical equipment of banks, financial-industrial groups, major network of trade retailers and government organizations. In the past he was a FAPSI Colonel, Commander of the Order "Star of the Glory of the Fatherland", winner of the scholarship of Sciences "Outstanding Scientist of Russia" (1993). Author of numerous publications on the problems of search and analysis of data. Conducted seminars in several universities in Russia (Academy of National Economy, Moscow State University, MAI) and in the USA (Harvard, Stanford University, Georgia Institute of Technology, Texas A&M University).
An expert for RFBR, INTAS, ITC UN, APEC.

Andrey Masalovich Andrey Masalovich

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