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Threats 3.0

Moderator: Alexey Kachalin

The borders of information systems become more and more opaque.... How will it affect our everyday life? What new perils lurk in domotics and intelligent home technologies? This section will address the threats triggered by gradual integration of digital technologies into our life. How to forecast these threats? What to do in order they don’t take us by surprise? What tools to use for mitigation? These and other issues will be tackled by the section speakers: Andrey Moskvitin (Cisco) (Presentation), Andrey Petukhov (Moscow State University) (Presentation) and Dmitry Sklyarov (Positive Technologies) (Presentation).

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  • Russian

The section moderator is Alexey Kachalin, Head of a Russian research company Perspektivny Monitoring, which specializes in software solutions information security. Alexey is interested in developing applications of data gathering and analysis, modeling information systems and using them for systems and processes analysis. Being a head of a researchers’ team, Alexey contributes to the development of applications and systems security assessment techniques. He is also a frequent participant of practical information security conferences.

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