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Comparing Iranian, Chinese & North Korean Hacking Worlds

Author: William Hagestad II

Nation State Motivations for Using the Cyber Realm – Comparative Study of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the People’s Republic of China & North Korea
International governments including the Islamic Republic of Iran, the People’s Republic of China & North Korea all have very well developed cyber capabilities both offensively and defensively; this is the Western world view. During this presentation a foreigner’s international experience reviewing, studying and researching these three nation states will be presented. Included in this 360 degree review will be both the Western/foreigner’s perspective and the distinct motivations by each country to feel compelled to develop such technologically advanced national security weapons in the information realm.
The international lens used to review the nation state cyber weapons platform development will incorporate cultural, historical, linguistic, military, political and technological foci.

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William Hagestad is an internationally recognized expert on Cyber Warfare attacks and Information Warfare initiatives, having advanced cyber network security formal education and experience. Conducted numerous classified cyber, physical and social engineering threat and vulnerability assessments worldwide for a variety of commercial and governmental agencies. He demonstrated expertise through activities related to Chinese Cyber Warfare attacks and Information Warfare initiatives at the Communist Party Level (and subsequently executed by the People’s Liberation Army), and as such, has written three books and numerous articles on the subject. Served 27-years as a career US Marine Officer having served in combat three times during international conflicts. His vast civilian experience includes consulting commercial oil & gas entities, international governments, law enforcement, intelligence and military organizations on cyber security. Strategic security leadership planning cyber security threats, both offensive and defensive; nation state information warfare origins, methodologies and case studies are among his professional proficiencies.

William Hagestad II William Hagestad II

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